Friday, September 4, 2009

Separting the Twins

I have just been informed that my mermaid book is A. Two or three children's picture books B. A single chapter book.

Prevention is a pound of ...???
How does this happen to you, you ask? Its like conceiving a child. Initially, you know what your am doing to yourself, your family and your independence. Then the news comes. TWINS. Possibly TRIPLETS. AHHHHH! Beware of dangling loose ends that you may feel the need to tie.

I didn't mean to do that! At this point I hardly remember the hot acts that led to conception. Now your telling me they are multipling! more work! more time! more things to clean up! More things to love, develop, mold and play with. Hmmm, maybe this won't be so bad.

I must have missed that 'After school special'

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