Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Okay, now the mermaids are just plain tourmenting me. I want them to do one thing, but they keep doing another. Maybe the whale will listen.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Query contest!

Here is a great opportunity I just cant say no to. www.Kidlit.com is having a query contest;

"Once I have all entries, I will pick the most compelling query, dissect what makes it so awesome on the site AND award you the fabulous prize:
A critique of the first 30 pages of your manuscript!"

Kidlit Contest


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Mirror Image

Mermaid / Mermaid
It looks like the same word, but each is totally different. The first word expresses the fairy tale, Disney-like, happy happy, fall in love type. The second is a pesky, obnoxious, conniving, manipulative yet oblivious type. In a similar spirit of monsters, there are many types of mermaids. Just the word doesn't reflect a common understanding of them.
Throughout the summer I have done a substantial amount of research on them. I have taken my children to the Cahoon Museam, Heritage Museam and Gardens, Shawme Pond, The great wide open Ocean, Cape Cod bay, We have looked online at mermaid figureheads and explored legends. The absolute best part about writing for children is sharing with my children. They are given an opportunity to explore and dig and find and ask questions and answer questions and imagine and uncover and see the world in a totally different light.
Now my challenge is to actually complete one of the few mermaid books I have begun. Which approach is the best, most successful and concise?
Here is a poll question for my followers and other readers.
Include pirates; yes or no

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Was that really a rewrite?

Okay, so I am working on the mermaid book and at my last critique, I was told to separate it or create one novel. Dilligently I created a new file and started to cut and paste the first part. Great, you would think. No, says I. Now a month later I have essentially created the same piece of work as before. I read the more concise version to Jackie and she insists that the pirates MUST have a part in the story. AHHH! Seriously?
"Can't I save the pirates for another book?"
"No", she says "If your going to mention them here, then you need to have them there,"
who made her boss of the book editing, anyway?
"Fine, I'll see whatI can do,"

Jackie is going to formally bring her company, My Two Cents, public anyday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Thomas Crowne Affair

Alright, I love this movie. The music is amazing.

see the trailer here:


I admire how the Bowler Hat is threaded throughout the film. It is a beautiful example of the seemingly plain as complex.

The most valuable theme of the film is that 'its always been there'. What you are looking for has always been right in front of you, its up to you to take the chance to see it, to find it, to expose it. Sometimes in life you are finally able to see what you have been missing when a pencil gets stuck in the track, disaster follows and you stop to look.

So the Harmony, I am not sure where it would be in this film. You and I both know that they are going to go around in circles for the next fifty years until one of them bends. I think I'll watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, I'm sure they will illustrate harmony

Back to writing, the complexity in this film is exactly where I want to go with my writing. I just have to find a way to get there.