Saturday, October 10, 2009

Was that really a rewrite?

Okay, so I am working on the mermaid book and at my last critique, I was told to separate it or create one novel. Dilligently I created a new file and started to cut and paste the first part. Great, you would think. No, says I. Now a month later I have essentially created the same piece of work as before. I read the more concise version to Jackie and she insists that the pirates MUST have a part in the story. AHHH! Seriously?
"Can't I save the pirates for another book?"
"No", she says "If your going to mention them here, then you need to have them there,"
who made her boss of the book editing, anyway?
"Fine, I'll see whatI can do,"

Jackie is going to formally bring her company, My Two Cents, public anyday.

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