Friday, July 24, 2009

The sweetest rejection!

I recieved my fifth rejection yesterday. I compare the rejections to a long awaited relationship.

I had another one that said "we love you but we can't date you, right now"
Much better than the 'Nope, I don't know why you called me anyway' or the
'We have a hotter girl on my arm right now, sorry, Better luck next year'

This one was sweet "we like you, but know how wonderful you are and how well suited you will be for somebody else, keep your chin up" Okay, I will, I loved the possiblity of you too, but I understand. Lets go and rock the world!

I know the right publisher is looking at the book. I know they will see the huge potential I have created.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time in a bottle

I watched the documentry titled 'a year in the life of JK Rowlings'. They captured a series of events happeing over a year including her finishing her last potter book, the release party, aa visit to where it all began and explored her childhood and family. I found it really interesting how she never thought this was her life. She nevr thought her ending would be happy. She is uber successful and uber interesting but finds herself on the verge of tears, alot. I love the grin she had completeing the last book and following it up with a reality check that it is not what the fans want but what the story needs. She is quite grounded in that she cannot please everyone all the time.
How does this all apply to my process, you ask? I wonder what my story will be in ten years. I wonder if this blog, with no followers at this point, will be reviewed. I wonder if my seamingly small life will make the slightest impact on children, worldwide. I wonder if I'll return to my 1428 sqft house and shed tears.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waiting for the train to come in...

Yup still waiting, In the time I have been browsing other bloggers. The intern spills is probably my favorite. She has told me exactly where my manuscript is right now. This is something no other has been able to do. It is on a desk in a few different publishing houses covered with broken crackers and toenail clippings. I wonder if I sent each publisher nail polish would they remember about thier nail clipping pile and brush them off in to the trash, uncovering my monster book?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Plan

I love my Monster book, This is the first time ever that I really loved something I created, other than my children, I can't help thinking about the monster stereotypes there are and how they paralell people stereotypes. I would like to address some.
A. Don't all monsters have long fingers and nails?
A1. Why do ALL monsters have to have long fingers, monsters come in all shapes and sizes just like people.
B. Don't ALL monsters snore?
B1. I don't think all monsters have nasal problems, in fact do all monsters have to have a nose.
C. Don't All monsters live under beds?
C1. No, Some Monsters like to sleep in closets, some behind curtains, some in dirty sneakers. Monsters, like people sleep where they are most comfortable
D. Don't all monsters scare children?
D1. Some may scare children but the primary reason is their lack of understanding on what the monster motivations are. Maybe the monster is just trying to get thier attention and is unable to communicate effectivly.

lets just say, like all people, all monsters are not created the same. the havee quirks and weirdness and love and personalities and needs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No news, is good news?

Okay its been a few weeks, my totals remain the same. 2 responses, 2 rejections. Not too bad. My imagination is now running my reality.
The insecure ME lives in a world where the publishing house is going to include it in a book called What Not To Submitt, like the show. Clinton Kelly is going to hold my book far from himself, between his index finger and thumb and say, "Seriously! You can do better, we need to explore other options here. The extent of your creativity must not end with THIS!" The Stacy London jumps in and says, "torn souls of little boys is not flattering, You must choose characters that better empasize your waist," I wake from my day dream, in a cold sweat, wondering if the book is too-- Fill in the blank----
The confident ME lives in a world where I am just waiting for the contract to come in the mail and how am I going to handle the bidding war. Its more like the Bachelorette, The Authorette. "So many choices, I just don't know which one I'll choose. Oh, I'll date this one and that one, They are only worthy of a group date until proven otherwise! I really can't wait to get to know this one! This one is just not right for me, Give me back my rose!" I then wake to realize My contract still hasn't arrived and limbo is better than I thought.