Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Plan

I love my Monster book, This is the first time ever that I really loved something I created, other than my children, I can't help thinking about the monster stereotypes there are and how they paralell people stereotypes. I would like to address some.
A. Don't all monsters have long fingers and nails?
A1. Why do ALL monsters have to have long fingers, monsters come in all shapes and sizes just like people.
B. Don't ALL monsters snore?
B1. I don't think all monsters have nasal problems, in fact do all monsters have to have a nose.
C. Don't All monsters live under beds?
C1. No, Some Monsters like to sleep in closets, some behind curtains, some in dirty sneakers. Monsters, like people sleep where they are most comfortable
D. Don't all monsters scare children?
D1. Some may scare children but the primary reason is their lack of understanding on what the monster motivations are. Maybe the monster is just trying to get thier attention and is unable to communicate effectivly.

lets just say, like all people, all monsters are not created the same. the havee quirks and weirdness and love and personalities and needs.

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