Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No news, is good news?

Okay its been a few weeks, my totals remain the same. 2 responses, 2 rejections. Not too bad. My imagination is now running my reality.
The insecure ME lives in a world where the publishing house is going to include it in a book called What Not To Submitt, like the show. Clinton Kelly is going to hold my book far from himself, between his index finger and thumb and say, "Seriously! You can do better, we need to explore other options here. The extent of your creativity must not end with THIS!" The Stacy London jumps in and says, "torn souls of little boys is not flattering, You must choose characters that better empasize your waist," I wake from my day dream, in a cold sweat, wondering if the book is too-- Fill in the blank----
The confident ME lives in a world where I am just waiting for the contract to come in the mail and how am I going to handle the bidding war. Its more like the Bachelorette, The Authorette. "So many choices, I just don't know which one I'll choose. Oh, I'll date this one and that one, They are only worthy of a group date until proven otherwise! I really can't wait to get to know this one! This one is just not right for me, Give me back my rose!" I then wake to realize My contract still hasn't arrived and limbo is better than I thought.

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