Saturday, August 15, 2009

This is my Pre-publication pre-post, Post

"This is how its supposed to be", Jack Johnson


My book got picked up today! I sent my son down to check the mail box and he came back with the normal selection of bills, solicitations and fliers. Sticking out of the end was a strangish envelope, one that had some weight to it and marked Publishing Company. Paul handed the pile to me saying "Did your book come, mommy? When is that coming anyway?"

I calmly walked up the driveway into the house, my heart pounded with every step while contemplating the changes in my life that are about to occur. Off to the side of the counter top I neatly dropped everything but the strange envelope. Deep breath. Sliding my hand across the glue to try to keep the envelope and its existence in tact I pulled the letter from within out and a flurry of pamphlets describing the company poured out on the countertop. Blah blah blah, what does the letter say?! "Monsters.... love it.... marketing.... call us..... something.... something else...." Fall to the ground with tears.

I am an author.

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  1. You are an author! And don't ever let anyone tell you any differently.