Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have always had an attraction to monsters, really the childish act of imagining. The ideas and characters and thier experiences facinate me. I never had an imaginary friend. Looking back I wish I did. I was never alone, but somehow felt empty. If I had an imaginary friend as an adult, I would be sure that he/she/it cleaned the house more often and did the laundry. Somebody needs to do the chores I dont. My children have vivid imaginations. My daughter sold her 'bad puppy' imaginary friend at a yard sale for one dollar. Unfortunatley, 'bad puppy' came back. He walked right down the hill and up the driveway much to our dismay. 'bad puppy' was just that, anything bad that happened like flowers being stepped on or apples being left on the coffee table were his fault. He was famous for making lots of noise at bed time, banging the wall and tossing toys on the floor. 'Bad puppy' had a counter part, however, 'good kitty' was a source of kindness and play. she did everything good, wonder and kind like comming up with the idea to pick dandelions for me or making jackies bed. These creatures, friends, people, furry things, birds or anything else are amazing companions to children. they encourage a creative mind and alternative world. I love monsters!

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