Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coffee or books

During the holiday's I was given a $25 gift card to a chain book store. I opened the card and saw BOOKS. I pondered for a moment which books I would buy. Maybe the one I need about writing YA or maybe a couple of novels for the bedstand. OOHH! I could buy a couple of books for my kids. My middle child needs a book about stars and my oldest needs the thickest, highest quality novel full of words she may actually need to reference. The youngest needs board books, I could buy atleast three with the card. So by now I pop out of my fantasy and return to the meeting I was sitting in and hear people around me talking about the latte' they have wanted to try and how they cant wait to drink the gift card. I am horrified. I thought 'BUT, but Books, you could buy books. coffee everyday, but books.'
I am greatful the parents association thought of such a great gift, but maybe next year they will think of the local, family own book store down the street.

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